Enjoy wine at some of the World’s most romantic cities

Martin Luther already said it: ” If you don’t love wine, women and song, you’ll stay a Thor your whole life long .” We’re presenting the wine culture in the Romantic Cities , because who would want to be a Thor?  The cities all have a lot to offer: each city has a history that you shouldn’t miss out on – from underground wine-tasting to wine hikes and the oldest wine in the world. Located in the south west of Germany and blessed with a mild climate thanks to the Rhine and Moselle rivers, the Romantic Cities of Trier , Koblenz , Mainz , Speyer , Worms , Idar-Oberstein and Neustadt/Weinstraße appeal to visitors with a perfect combination of an experience of culture and culinary delights, particularly in the colourful autumn season.

Trier – enjoyment in the “wine experience world”
The Moselle region stands for an outstanding diversity of wines. Even from far away, Trier in particular shows vast vineyards which give a special display of their bright colours in autumn. Germany’s oldest city has the ideal climate for producing enticing wines. The wines can even be tried in a major wine tasting in the Wine and Fish House Oechsle . You can try as many wines as you like from a diverse choice of more than 120 Moselle wines . The wine tasting costs € 15.00 per person . In the “wine experience world”, you will have plenty of time to try the wines of the region at your leisure under the guidance of a wine expert.

Idar-Oberstein – enjoyment underground

Idar-Oberstein is known for its history of gemstones, but the city also has a lot to offer wine connoisseurs. For example,trying wines “underground” as an especially unusual wine tasting. First of all, you will find out what living and working in a mine was like during a vivid guided tour in an historical copper mine . You will then taste six premium wines from the Nahe region. A proficient winemaker will offer you a selection of Riesling, Grauburgunder, red and rosé wines. The price is € 17.00 per person .

Mainz – pure (sparkling wine) enjoyment

The passion of people from Mainz about wine has grown steadily ever since the Romans planted the first wine more than 2,000 years ago. Sparkling wine also has a long tradition in Mainz, since the former Kupferberg Sektkellerei , founded in 1850, has 60 cellars at on seven underground levels , making it the most multi-layered sparking wine cellar in the world. It is also home to a former museum with a very large collection of sparking wine and champagne glasses, and finds such as amphorae which are more than 2,000 years old and jugs from the Roman era. Various guided tours, prices ranging from € 9.50 (public) to group guided tours from € 269.00 .

Koblenz – enjoyment in a wine village
In Koblenz, a whole village has even been built in honour of wine. In 1925 the village was set up for the Reich exhibition of German wine to celebrate 1,000 years of the Rhineland . However, since it was so popular, it was maintained permanently as a tourist attraction. It was destroyed during an air raid in the Second World War and rebuilt in a simplified form in 1951. There is a miniature vineyard, and visitors can enjoy a delicious meal and at the same time get to know Koblenz customs and various regional wines.

Speyer – ancient world enjoyment
Probably the oldest liquid grape wine in a glass bottle – more than 1,650 years old – is stored in Speyer. It was laid in a Roman grave as a burial object, and is today thought to be the oldest grape wine to have ever been found. The bottle has been stored in the Historical Palatinate Museum in Speyer ever since it was found in 1867. Samples are hardly ever likely to be taken, and nor is the wine ever likely to be tasted, since nobody knows exactly what would happen were the wine to make contact with air, probably rendering it no longer drinkable. Adults: € 7.00 / Groups of 10 or more persons: € 5.00

Worms – heavenly enjoyment

Nowadays, Liebfrauenmilch is usually synonymous with inferior-quality sweet wine. The “famous Lieben Frauen Milch zu Worms” was first mentioned in 1744. It used to only refer to wine from the vineyards of the Church of our Lady Collegiate Church Capuchin Monastery in Worms. Because Liebfrauenmilch was very popular internationally, it was often copied, thus gaining itself a bad reputation as a cheap supermarket wine. However, nowadays, there are once again strict regulations in place about which grape variety may be used to produce the wine. It is now considered to be a premium German wine that can be tried in the former Capuchin Monastery.

Wine tasting: Wine tasting with a set meal possible

Speciality: Wine-tasting event for groups and a historical guided tour through the Church of our Lady and the Liebfrauenstift.

Neustadt an der Weinstraße – hiking enjoyment
Neustadt an der Weinstraße has a lot to offer as Germany’s secret wine capital . You can, for example, enjoy a 5-course meal accompanied by wine in the heart of the vineyards . You can also go on an experience walk on a grapevine trailwhere Prosecco and Palatinate tapas will be waiting for you in the vineyard. You will be given some information on the history of the castles and palaces in the region on the way to the grapevine trail. The differences between various vines will be shown to you on the wine variety trail and you may taste two wines. Cost: € 18.00 per person