El Gouna: A Vibrant Red Sea Community Like No Other

For a tourist, Egypt possesses a complete package. Visiting the major sites such as the Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, taking a much-needed two-day cruise to Luxor and Aswan via the beautiful Nile river and so forth, is a given. Aside from the historical and cultural richness Egypt holds, there are magnificent sites like El Gouna that visitors should not miss for the world.

Situated along one of the most unique spots along the Red Sea, El Gouna holidays are home to exquisite architecture, a vibrant community, picturesque islands surrounded by breathtaking crystal-clear lagoons, non-stop leisure activities and top-notch guesthouses and beachfront resorts. Located just 20 km from Hurghada International Airport, El Gouna is in a prime location for visitors from all around the world’s capitals, especially those from the European continent. Thus, it’s no surprise that people from various nationalities around the globe have decided to become residents of El Gouna.

El Gouna has over 20 islands overseeing the Red Sea. Beaches are a mainstay with over 11 km of beachfront for visitors to enjoy their holidays year-round. And, if you have already visited Egypt’s capital, Cairo, and experienced the city’s pollution and environment, El Gouna is the complete opposite. With several environmental awards, the most notable including that of Green Globe, El Gouna is an environmental heaven. Additionally, El Gouna has services that include: Banks, transportation by bus and boat, an information center open daily, car rentals and a European standard hospital fully equipped with the latest medical technology, including a top-tier Emergency Department.

El Gouna also has one of the most vibrant Red Sea towns. Mostly, however, activities are centered around Downtown Kafr El Gouna and Abu Tig Marina. With lively shopping centers, bazaars, cafes, a host of various restaurants, bars and pubs, the fun just does not stop. For Downton Kafr El Gouna and Abu Tig Marina, casinos and discos are a characteristic of the often intriguing nightlife.

One of El Gouna’s most prominent characteristics, in regards to restaurants, is its Dine Around Program. The program allows visitors on half or full board basis to experience the different restaurants El Gouna has to offer, regardless of the hotel they choose to stay at. There are countless restaurants to choose from such as French, Italian and Thai cuisines. There is, however, a traditional Bedouin meal in the El Gouna Oasis, if you decide that you have had enough of the aforementioned cuisines.

Aside from all the eating, another important characteristic of El Gouna is the water and sport activities. There are endless opportunities for water-related activities such as kite-surfing, wake-boarding, water skiing, banana boats, fun tubes, snorkeling and scuba diving. Go-Karts, beach volleyball, paintball are also a mainstay for El Gouna. An 18-hole championship golf course should also be an eye-opener. Additionally, El Gouna has an award-winning spa treatment facility that will make you feel instantly revived.

With endless activities breathtaking views, beaches and perfect temperatures, El Gouna should be the perfect holiday getaway for you and your family.