‘Sustainable Tourism’ in Florence Promoted by ‘Saving Florence’ Fund Raising

A brand new Indiegogo fund raising campaign has launched with the intention of funding a unique series of video programs about the stunning Italian city of Florence, which houses over 60% of the world’s heritage within its medieval walls. ‘Save Florence’ will share some of the beautiful, lesser-known corners of Florence with a whole new audience and will serve a useful dual purpose – educating travelers from all over the globe about the importance of sustainable tourism while bringing much needed tourist dollars into the less known neighborhoods of the city.

Sustainable tourism has been something of a buzzword in the travel industry, and with 16m tourists flooding into Florence every year, it’s never been more important to ensure that there is limited damage to the celebrated historical city. It’s estimated that around 40% of the city’s artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and composers have left the city since 1994 – but by encouraging sustainable tourism throughout the entire city, rather than just the main thoroughfares, the team behind ‘Save Florence’ hope to attract and keep a new generation of budding artists and creative individuals in the city.

The project needs to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo – and if the campaign is successful, the first two videos in the series will be presented to North Carolina and national public television organizations in the United States to aid in the educational and fundraising work.

Mark Gordon Smith, creator and narrator of the films says, “Many of the visitors to Florence focus only on two museums and a limited number of busy streets – they miss around 90% of the city’s architectural, artistic, musical and literary treasures. The films we intend to make will promote a whole new side of Florence, which will hopefully encourage a more sustainable, city-wide type of tourism, and put the creative spark back into this wonderful destination.”
The project so far has the support of the International Medici Association, whose president is Prince Ottaviano de Medici di Ottajano. The IMA are working closely with Mark on the films, to ensure that the representations of Florence are as accurate and truthful as possible.

He adds, “I met Ottaviano de Medici in early May 2014. It was during our initial discussion that he encouraged me to join the Associazione Internationale Medicae as the US representative to the association. The association is based in Florence, Ottaviano as its President, with offices based in the International School of Economics.”

In recent years, the city of Florence has suffered as the result of mass tourism, with graffiti appearing on historic buildings, tourists using city streets as toilets and visitors sleeping in squares around the city, unable to find a room in the busy hotels. ‘Save Florence’ aims to end this kind of activity within the city by broadening tourist horizons – it’s not only the main streets and museums which are worth seeing, but every corner and monument of the historic city. The broadening of tourists horizons is also expected to lure many creative individuals back to Florence, and in doing so help reclaim its status as the creative hub of Italy.

For more information about the project, go to the Indiegogo campaign Home Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-florence