Do not let Bergen’s industrial image put you off visiting this wonderful city

The second-largest city in Norway is Bergen which is located on the south-westerly coast of the country. The city has a relatively modest population of just 250,000 people and its main industry is oil. This might give people the impression that it is a small city filled with industry and is not a wonderful place to visit, but this is far from the case.

In many ways, the city is one of the most beautiful in Norway and this is largely because it is built around an incredibly scenic bay, Vagen Bay, and is surrounded by seven extraordinary mountains. It is important that you consider what time of year you visit as the city does receive a great amount of rainfall. If this is something that you want to avoid, it is best to plan your trip very carefully.

The reason the city gets so much rain is because it is surrounded by large mountains which makes even the weather in the summer rather rainy. People might think that because of this the winter bring some reprieve from the rain however this is far from the truth, and it only gets rainier.

While the rain might make it somewhat unappealing to tourists, the rain brings a huge amount of Flora to the city which more than makes up for the large rainfall. The botanical gardens in the city are quite remarkable and you will find that all throughout the year there are incredible number of plants here.

Visitors are also going to be able to visit the mountains and seeing the view from the top of these incredible feats of nature can be enjoyed with ease because there is a cable car up one of the most beautiful mountains, Mount Ulriken. Bergen is a city with a huge amount to offer visitors, so don’t leave it often itinerary if you are visiting Norway.