Discovering the wonders of Jakarta

The tenth largest city in the world and Indonesia’s largest city, Jakarta really does have a vast range of attractions that many would love to experience in their life. It is said that the buildings charm tourists encouraging them to revisit the land of various temples and mosques, as well as contemporary structures and beautiful parks.

South East Asia’s largest and most visited mosque by Muslims from Indonesia as well as the rest of the world is the Istiqlal Mosque, renowned for its grandeur, where many flock for personal and religious purposes.

There is also the Lapangan Banteng, situated in the centre of the city which many visit to take in its majestic architecture as well as many other magnificent structures in the area that still stand from centuries ago.

Another popular tourist attraction the Ragunan Zoo, positioned to the south of the city, which is home to over 3600 types of creatures resulting in tourists from all over the world visiting to see the amazing exhibitions and events.

Dating back to 400 years ago is the Jarkata History Museum home to exhibitions of collections from the 16th century that visitors ponder over. On display in the 16th century constructed Museum is a host of important and rare maps and antiques that are regarded highly as treasures.

Another of Indonesia’s most highly visited Museums worth visiting is the fittingly named Puppet Museum where visitors are welcomed with a vast display of leather puppets which is where its name comes from. The Museum has a collection of centuries old methods for creating puppets and visitors interested in the practices can see how these methods are combined with up to date concepts in order to produce modern puppets.