Discovering the true beauty of Peru

Take a trip to Peru and what you will find is one of the most awe inspiring locations on the globe because from the vibrant markets to the lively cities to the rich historical Inca remains the entire country offers plenty worth exploring. There are many great travel companies that offer small groups and tours that make the country even more fun to explore. The following are some of the top must see spots in Peru.

First up there are many great trekking trails located in Peru and some of the best are near Lake Titicaca where the lakes sit at very high altitudes offering some great opportunities to explore. The lake has plenty of smaller islands and they each have their own Incan statues that visitors are allowed to walk through and explore. While in Peru at the lake make sure to locate a tour guide that will show you the best that the Lake and the islands have to offer.

Another great spot to put on your list is Machu Pichu which has been formally named one of the wonders of the world. Although the region was just discovered a century ago, it has been a cultural hotspot ever since because it clearly displays the unique culture and spirituality of the Incan people. Even more impressive is the fact that the city is over three thousand metres above the seal level so it easily offers a great vantage point of all surrounding areas.

Finally, make sure to stop by Cusco as the lively and vibrant city is still easily dominated by its history and heritage inherited by the ancient Incans. The city was a capital city of the Inca Empire and has been a main city of the region ever since.