Discovering Foca in the Izmir region of Turkey

The Izmir region is located on the western coast of Turkey and one of the most notable towns in the area is called Foca. It is a particularly beautiful place because it is on the shore of two individual bays. One of these days is called The Greater Sea, because of its larger size, and the other one is called Castle Bay, but is commonly referred to as the smaller sea.

Foca is a beautiful seaside town and it has a great deal of history which goes back to 600 BC. Originally the town was not called Foca, but had the ancient name of Phocaea. This town is so prominent in history that it was actually featured in Homer’s Odyssey.

You will really get the feeling of authentic turkey in this town as there are cobbled streets and all houses. There is even a beautiful promenade along the seafront where you will find fishermen bringing in a fresh catch to serve up at the local restaurants. The local specialty is calamari and sea bass, which you will sure to find wonderfully prepared in many of the seafront restaurants.

It is not just fish that are specialities of the area, and salads, meatballs, and very sweet pastries are also often served up and are very typical of this region of Turkey. If you are interested in doing some shopping, then you should consider visiting the market in the town which sells a wide range of gifts and souvenirs. It is also possible to pick up knockoff designer clothes and many leather goods.

There aren’t really any large hotels in the area and most visitors choose to stay in boutique hotels or guesthouses. Many of these facilities will have private pools which is a welcome relief from the heat, although you will probably want to spend most of your time on the unspoiled beach fronts.