Dance with Argentina – Tango while you Travel

To get a slice of the South American love of life, you can’t go wrong if you discover the Argentine love of Tango.

Anyone who knows Tango will tell you: it’s all about having the right attitude!

Granted, there is a great deal of technical skill involved in learning how to Tango, much like any refined form of dance. However, to dance Argentine Tango properly there must be a strong connection between the partners, an exuberant feeling that touches the sensual, the passionate and the vibrant side of life. This is what makes Tango such an utter joy to dance and to watch others dancing. You’re not just looking at the swishing, flicking feet and darting bodies, you’re looking at the connection between the couple dancing, a connection expressed as much through their eyes and smiles as it is through their vibrant, sure-footed dance moves.

Although there are different forms of Tango, it is the Argentine and Uruguayan forms that are considered the most “authentic”. Wandering into almost any decent-sized public space in Buenos Aires will show you how important it is to the locals as it grew into the modern form of the dance from the city’s diverse districts. Not only will you see couples dancing in the squares to their hearts’ content, but there is a veritable host of opportunities to see live Tango performances in bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants all around the city.

Then of course, you can’t very well simply sit on the side-lines the whole time. To truly drink in the essence of the Tango, you’ll need to step into limelight and take a partner by the hand! There’s no shortage of places that teach private Tango lessons designed to help you get your bearings, so you don’t necessarily have to leap in to join a Tango session on the street! (Though the locals would be suitably impressed with your spirit if you did, that’s a Tango type of attitude!)

Of course if you’re looking for a Tango experience a little closer to home, there’s Tango classes London-based schools in plentiful supply, as well as a growing number springing up in other UK cities. There’s no shortage of excellent opportunities for enthusiasts of all ages and stages to get involved, whether you’re a complete beginner or have tried a few turns and spins but want to brush up on your technique.