Croatia Self-Catering Holidays

Self-catering is a general term that described a form of vacation home rental. During your stay, you would normally reside in a luxurious home located in a popular touristy area. Self-catering also means that you have to manage your own day-to-day necessities from transportation to food preparation, as unlike a hotel there is no service provider. One of the most popular attractions in recent years has been Croatia and its surrounding islands.  Villas in Croatia offer high level of interior décor, access to water attractions in the form of sea and pools and prices that are very affordable when compared to mainland Europe. Here are some of the reasons why Croatia is so popular.

Location – Most people prefer to spend time vacationing instead of traveling. The difference lies in the duration that it takes you until you reach your destination. When it comes to Croatia most flights will get you there in 3 to 4 hours depending on the precise region, as the country is quite big. It means that you arrive fresh and ready to start your vacation on the right foot.

Fantastic for water sports – Water sports is extremely popular in Croatia as the country is blessed with many beaches and water temperature that stays mildly worm during many parts of the year. It borders with the Mediterranean Sea in which water remains warm for most of the year.

Great food and choice – In a perfect holiday you must try some of the local dishes and experience with foods that you wont normally come across. By far the most common local dishes in Croatia are Janjetina a slow cocking lamb dish, Skampi Buzara THE most delicious seafood course made of local caught prawns and Palacinke the traditional Croatian pancakes that you can fill with a number of yummy fillings from fruit to chocolate. Now, been able to order and use decent level pronunciation so you are understood is another story 😉

Great for families – Croatia is popular with large and small families alike. The wide speared of holiday homes, from small cottages suitable for a couple plus one to private villas with pools suitable for a family of over 8 means that it can cater for many parties. In terms of activities, you are spoiled for choice from seaside attractions, to mountain hiking and of course just relaxing at the private pool.

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