Corfu has a lot more to it than partying

Corfu, as a holiday destination, is probably most famous for its bars and beaches. However, this is not all there is to see in this fantastic place and if you want a break from the beach scene then there are some fantastic locations you can visit while on holiday here.

For those who are coming to Corfu for the first time they should definitely spend some of the holiday visiting Corfu town. Here you will find many popular locations including a 16th century fortress and from the top of this fortress you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view over the entire town.

If you are interested in doing some shopping then exploring the narrow, cobbled streets of the town is a good idea. There are many retailers selling fascinating items such as sculptures made from olive wood and various types of local ceramic and leather goods.

Achillion Palace is one of the most popular attractions for visitors in Corfu and it is located in the east. It was created as a summer palace for an Austrian empress and it is a very beautiful building with wonderful gardens and a fantastic architectural style. The palace is also famous for appearing in the James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only.

One of the most beautiful locations in Corfu is thought to be Paleokastritsa. This is a place where there are six individual bays which are surrounded by enormous cliffs. One of the best things to do here is rent a boat and use it to explore the various caves that are located in the bays. It is also worth visiting a monastery that has been constructed on the headland. It is most famous for being the location of the famous carving the ‘tree of living.’

To enjoy views over the entire of Corfu, you can drive your car up to the highest point on the island. This is the top of Mount Pantokrator, which is over 1000 metres high. You will also find plenty of fascinating villages to stop into and explore while you are driving up the mountain.