Convertible garments could be the key to finding the perfect travel clothes

The first interchangeable travel garment takes the owner from freezing Gatwick to warm Grenada in just one outfit. TravelSupermarket were the first to create travel convertible outfits after discovering that more than 57% of holiday goers leave the plane in inappropriate clothing. A woman’s greatest pre-holiday predicament is to have to decide what to wear prior to boarding a plane. The first ultimate travel garment has been created to combat the dilemma that most women face.

The winter to sun travel clothes allows you to unzip parts of the hooded jacket transforming it to a mini skirt or a strapless dress. The cleverly designed outfit is the ideal garment for a holidaymaker since it is equipped with a comfy inflatable pillow to sleep on during your flight.

Zipping or unzipping parts of the outfit transforms it into two summer styles or a winter garment. The summer styles include the strapless dress with a chic handy bag, or a jersey bolero with a black or reversible orange mini skirt. Different options for the clothes include mittens, a mini skirt, a strapless dress, or hooded jacket.

Should one opt for the strapless dress, the jacket sleeved can be turned into a functional shoulder bag. 25% of holidaymakers say that it’s a hassle dealing with the change in climate with more than 30% adding that they wear layers of clothes which they remove on reaching their destination.

The travel convertible outfit solves the problem of having to change clothes in the plane’s bathroom. The child’s all purpose outfit allows for easy nappy changes and also has a GPS tracker to ensure the safety of the little ones.

The travel outfit is comfort conscious specially designed to handle the long flights since over 60% of travellers consider comfort as a priority when travelling. 75% of parents say that it is of utmost importance to them that their kids feel comfortable during the trip and TravelSupermarket has kept this in mind while creating a similar design for children.

Both versions of the outfits were made from breathable and retentive materials. TravelSupermarket’s spokesman, Bob Atkinson said that dressing well for both the current weather and the destination’s climate can be quite challenging. He added that it was more problematic for parents to choose proper outfits for their kids as well.