Celebrity Cruises with Imagine Cruising

There are many who are still under the misguided and outdated misconception that if you are taking a cruise around the Mediterranean it is settling for lesser quality. While it may be a lot closer to home that the likes of the Caribbean or Australasia, there is so much more to our own continent than crowded beaches, concrete hotels and bad fish and chips.

The delights you get to experience on a Mediterranean cruise surprise even those seasoned travellers who think they have seen it all. The diversity of the cultures between the countries, the sights and sounds, the shopping and cuisine all make for the kind of magical that so many think they have to travel thousands and thousands of miles for, yet it is all just a few hours from home

Taking a cruise around the Med with Celebrity Cruises truly lets you see the best of Europe, and gives you a unique insight into those countries we think we know everything about. They have cruises of varying lengths and with differing itineraries. Take the 11 day cruise for example; starting off in Venice, you call in at Sicily, Messina, Rome, Naples, Malta, Kotor, Split before heading back to Venice.

Imagine Cruising are one of the tops sites for these kind of holidays, and their excellent site will give you all the up to date information on everything to do with Celebrity Cruises; ships, itineraries etc. It is also one of the quickest and hassle free ways to book a Celebrity Cruise, then you can just relax and count down the days until you board your ship and embark on your incredible cruise.

There are other advantages of cruising around the Mediterranean as well as the ones previously mentioned. There is no long flight to meet your ship as it will either sail from the UK or from a European port, the sea is a relatively calm body of water without tides so there is little risk of seasickness, there are few days spent on board looking at miles of endless sea and they are invariably cheaper than long haul cruises.

The ships are also t he last word in luxury, so for that time at sea between ports you will be spoilt for choice as far as activities on board are concerned. Floating, luxury hotels are a pretty accurate description, and a Celebrity Cruise will give everyone a real holiday to remember.

Guest Article for Imagine Cruising