Budapest’s Castle District

What’s worth exploring in Budapest’s Castle District
Budapest is currently one of the most popular stag weekend destinations.  With cheap drinks, good value food and friendly atmosphere it is no surprise that many young Brits go to Budapest for a stag weekend.  However, Budapest has much more than this, and it would be a shame to go home without experience at least some of its major tourist sights.

Budapest is divided into two main sections, Buda and Pest. The Castle District, with its spectacular Gothic churches can be found in the Buda part of the city which is to the east of the Danube River. From the vantage point that the Castle District has, with the Danube running below, visitors will be treated to a spectacular view over the entire city. The view has a reputation for being one of the best in Europe and you will feel as if you have stepped back in time with the rich history that surrounds you.

The Buda Castle is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings in Budapest.  It was first completed in 1265 and in the past it has been called Royal Palace and Royal Castle.  It has a spectacular marble staircase as well as numerous Gothic facades which really make it an incredible sight. There are also many statues surrounding the building which give it an incredibly epic feel.

South of this castle you will find the Holy Trinity Square. This is a church which has a great deal of importance in Hungarian history as it was the place where the king would spend a lot of time.

Hungary has a reputation for having excellent horse riders and there are many traditions in the country which revolve around horses. As part of a tradition, there are sometimes horsemen around the Castle district and they have enormous bullwhips which they crack.

If you are not paying attention while wandering around this area while the horsemen are there, you will have quite a shock when you hear one of these whips crack, as they are incredibly loud. Visitors to the area will think that the horsemen are cracking their whips just to scare tourists and it is not uncommon to see people drop their food in shock.  Great fun to watch!