Brits reluctant to take a cruise on the Titanic replica

The Titanic tragedy is a very historic moment that still holds a certain curse to it as 50% of British cruisers admitted that they have no desire to travel on the replica Titanic due to hit the sea in just three years in 2016. Research that was conducted found that about 45% of all regular cruisers have no interest in sailing on the Titanic II even if it is an impressive replica.

In fact, its very reputation as an ‘unsinkable ship’ is the reason that most cruise goers are nervous about getting on the Titanic II when it leaves Southampton for New York. They are concerned that there is no such thing as unsinkable, and attempting to make the same claim twice is a recipe for superstitious disaster.

Of course, ships like these have not been seen in the last few decades and therefore the new Titanic II is like a peak into history. About a third of cruisers however stated that they were concerned getting on an exact copy of the Titanic given the fact that the first ship did not do so great.

Development Manager for, Steph Curtin, stated that it was interesting to see how many people are afraid of going on the Titanic II, but this superstition is unfounded since the new Titanic will have all modern developments when it comes to safety, including lifeboats for everyone.

About a fifth of the people in the survey stated they simply have no interest of being on the Titanic II because they would whether travel on a modern ship and another 11% stated that they have no interest in the cruise liner in general. Despite this fact, 83% of those in the survey stated that they think the creation of Titanic II was a good idea.