Bon Voyage a travel agent in your living room

Bon Voyage are a company that are true innovators in the industry and they were one of the first websites that set up exclusively to sell cruises on the Internet. They first started trading in 2008, and this was a time when the idea of selling cruises on the Internet was in its infancy, and many people thought that it would fail. Bon Voyage are a company that have managed to buck all of that scepticism and have created a highly successful website dedicated to selling cruise holidays online.

The company had the simple idea that a website should be able to provide a potential customer with all of the information that they would be able to get if they sat in front of their travel agent at their desk. This is something that they succeeded at doing, and they even made it possible for you to ask questions by making it very easy to get in touch with the company’s representatives either by telephone or through the Internet.

One of the best things about a cruise holiday is that everything gets to be customised. You are able to specify where you want to stay on the ship, what you want to do, and where you want to go. This was something that until the Internet revolution came around was only possible to do by going to a travel agents and talking to them about your requirements. Now, thanks to, it is possible to do all of that over the Internet, but if you do run into any problems, you can just phone up the company and sort everything out.

Another great advantage of being based online is that the costs of running the operational are significantly lower. Instead of renting out expensive offices and paying travel agents, the company focus on saving customers money, rather than on employing unnecessary people.

All of this means that you can get cruise holidays at a great discount compared to the price that you might find in a travel agents. The company also only have a limited advertising spend, and rather rely on word-of-mouth, and positive mentions in the press. For example, recently the website has been featured in such popular publications as the Daily Mail, The Mirror, and WebUser magazine.

Overall, Bon Voyage have created a wonderful experience for those who want to go on a cruise. Visitors will find an informative website, with all the information they could need, and a simple and easy booking process that offers them the best prices.