Belgrade puts the past behind it and is very much in the 21st century

Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia and has a population of more than one and a half million people. As is well known, Belgrade has had quite a troubled past but has been completely rebuilt since the end of the war and now is a very popular tourist destination. Indeed the city relies heavily on the tourist trade for much of its income.

The city is situated near to where the rivers Sava and Danube meet in the north of Serbia. It is a very old city and traces of Celtic, Roman and Greek settlements have been found in archeological digs. Although subject to extensive rebuilding, there are still some old buildings in the city. To learn of the history of Belgrade you can visit the National Museum and next door is the National Theatre which is a fine old building.

The home of the Royal family, the White Palace or Beli Dvor is open to the public and there are some fine works of art kept there including some from Rembrandt. For a great view of the whole city then should visit the Avla Monument which sits on top of a hill and the views really are magnificent.

For those that like their nightlife then there are not many European cities that can beat Belgrade. There are many nightclubs which are open till dawn and the atmosphere is amazing. There are numerous bars and restaurants and you are really spoilt for choice as far as nightlife is concerned.

To recover from the night before there are parks to relax in or plenty of shops for a bit of retail therapy. Accommodation is available to suit all budgets but you can check out the Vacations Rentals Club which has properties to rent in Belgrade and other Serbian cities.