Beaches Along the Red Sea

The Red Sea is located between Africa and the Middle East and is considered an ocean inlet of the Indian Ocean.

The beaches along the Red Sea are very popular with tourists and have many activities and facilities for vacationers. The area is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving due to clear water and shallow shelves which are full of corals and colorful marine animals. Although shark attacks are rare, there have been some in recent years and some beaches were closed for a period of time after more frequent attacks, so caution is always advised when diving and snorkeling. There are six primary tourist beaches which are described below. Four are in Egypt, one in Jordan, and one in Israel.


Eilat is a very frequented beach, set in a desert and mountainous area of southern Israel. There are plenty of big hotels, lots of nightlife, and a wide variety of water activities on this warm beach. Eilel has a coral reserve at its southern end and an underwater marine museum. Reef diving and dolphin watching are very popular here.


Agaba is located on the Red Sea in Jordan and boasts a fine, sandy beach. Like Eilat, it is a very popular tourist spot with good hotels, dining options and shopping. This is a beach frequented by snorkelers and divers since there a a number of good coral reefs close to shore.


Hurghada is located on the eastern shore of Egypt. More than 35,000 people live in the general area. This beach is a good swimming and sailing location. Many other boating activities are also very popular. There are also small islands near Hurghada that are easily accessible for a day tip and launches can be arranged from a hotel. The islands are good spots for snorkeling and dive trips.


El Gouna is another highly developed beach area that lies about 14 miles north of Hurghada in Egypt and is a town of over 10,000 inhabitants. It is very popular with international travelers and has a fine golf course. A unique feature of this area is the canals and lagoons. The town spreads itself out over these islands and lagoons. Most luxury hotels have their own dive school. There are also a number of budget hotels in this beach area.


This beach area is the most developed on Egypt’s Red Sea and considers itself the jewel of the Sinai. It includes several beach resort areas, complete with dive schools. The hotels on the beach are large and there are many modern, international hotels and a good golf course. The area is famous for its broad beaches and sophisticated night scene.


Dahab lies 50 miles north of Sharm el Sheikh. It also enjoys a wide sandy beach, but it is not quite so developed and seems to have more of a relaxed beach town atmosphere. Nearby is the famous Ras Mohammad National Park, with extensive corals and marine life and excellent diving opportunities.