Bali overtakes Sri Lanka as the best value long haul holiday destinations

Bali has for the first time beaten Sri Lanka in the current rankings for the most popular holiday destinations under the ‘best value’ long haul travel option category. According to the latest report, Long Haul Report, released by Post Office Travel Money, Sri Lanka seems to have been overtaken by South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam in terms of offering the best value for money for tourists during holidays. Sri Lanka now stands at position five.

Some of the key reasons for this decline has been a sharp increase, 45%, in accommodation costs in Sri Lanka. Generally, the resort costs have gradually declined for long haul destinations, with the decline being attributed to the strengthening value of the Pound.

Bali beat its competitors because of a reduction in resort prices by 1%, contrary to the prices in Sri Lanka, whose resort prices have been rising for the past 2 years. The report was sampling how much ten tourists would spend on a set of several items including insect repellent, sunscreen and a three-course meal for two with wine. In Colombo, it would cost £54.45 while in Vietnam; the same would cost £53.04 and £43.91 in Bali.

Despite a cup of coffee being cheapest in Sri Lanka, increases in prices of other products made this negligible to result to a 24% difference in how much a tourist would spend for the above mentioned products, £43.91 in Bali.

Some of the major successes of Vietnam as a force in tourism has been brought by its success in currency trading with sales in Dong having recorded a 106% rise from the previous year. Considering the fact that long haul destinations have continued enjoying fast growth, travellers from Britain have something to smile about since the Pound is still strong compared to currencies from these countries, although it has remained weak in Europe.

Consequently, Brits have no reason not to tour the world to some of these destinations. If you are traveling to the US, Orlando’s theme park is the place to be considering that it emerged as the destination offering the best value in USA.