Arizona far more than just a desert

Arizona is a state with some fantastic adventure opportunities. You can go white water rafting or explore the old west and even attempt to pan for gold. Visitors can also explore the forests or the deserts that are present in this fantastic US state. The only thing that will limit the amount of adventure you will have here is your endurance.

Lake Powell is on the border of the state and is a great place to go for a couple of days of adventure. The lake is vast and there are several beaches that line its shores. If you hire a boat you can take it out onto the lake, pull up to a beach and explore the surrounding area. You will find enormous sandstone canyons that you can spend time hiking through. A small town near the lake that is worth visiting is Page Arizona.

If you are heading towards the Grand Canyon, it would be a good idea to stop in Flagstaff Arizona. This is a small and peaceful town located in the middle of some wonderful pine forests. Visitors could spend a few days hiking in the surrounding woodland and enjoying some fresh air. There is also an observatory near the town, which can provide some spectacular views of the sky at night.

While it is a little way off from the main road, Sedona Arizona is a welcome break from the heat and the desert. There are some spectacular hikes available through the surrounding canyons and visitors can also take a boat down the river that flows through Red Rock State Park.

For those wanted to take the slow and historic train journey to the Grand Canyon, you will need to stop in Williams Arizona. This town has a very historic feel and still has an old west vibe to it. It is a place to buy train tickets that will take you all the way to the Grand Canyon. People doing this may want to consider resting the the town for a few days.

When a visitor arrives at the Grand Canyon itself visitors will certainly want to do some hiking, but tourists would do well to remember that the canyon is over a mile deep, every step you take down will have to be made back up again. For the weary a great option will be to camp at the bottom so you are well rested.