Airlines Add New Routes and TourGuideMe Provides the Itinerary

Tour Guide Me is a dynamic new service that cuts out the middleman and allows tourists to select their own tour guide, so they can tailor their holiday to suit their desires. With airlines adding new routes to their rosters on an almost monthly basis and a clamour to enjoy a sophisticated European city break, the brand new service has launched, matching up holidaymakers with the expert tour guide that will help them enjoy their perfect getaway.

Holiday giants like Ryanair and Easyjet are always announcing new destinations and airports to add to their timetables – it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to head to exciting European cities like Berlin and Paris, and tourists have more funds available to make sure their getaway is suited to them. With a database of hundreds of guides from top destinations, and the ability to contact them directly to discuss their needs, Tour Guide Me means that holidaymakers will never again have to experience a generic bus-top tour or an overpriced historic guide that barely scrapes the surface of a wondrous cultural destination.

Whether they want the inside track on a city’s top restaurants, or they want to enjoy a historical break with plenty of learning, Tour Guide Me users simply write up their demands and wait for the proposals from hundreds of tour guides to come rolling in. Want a tour guide that knows all the right bicycle routes to get around the city? No problem. Want to spend a day with someone who can help you browse the best hidden markets or boutiques? It’s simple – Tour Guide Me helps to match tourists with their ideal guide so they’ll enjoy a holiday experience tailored to their interests, rather than a one-size-fits-all package deal.

Jonathan Konits, of Tour Guide Me, says, “The European city break is one of the most popular types of holiday – it’s great for couples on romantic getaways, groups of friends enjoying a weekend of fun, and families embarking on an educational trip. Our brand new service allows tourists to find the perfect tour guide for their holiday, to make sure they won’t miss a thing. Whether they’re heading to Paris to get the low-down on the art scene, or flying to Berlin to brush up on their Cold War history and enjoy the inimitable nightlife, holidaymakers can choose the guide that will ensure they have the getaway they wanted.”

The service not only allows users to choose a tour guide they’ll ‘click’ with, they can also compare prices to ensure that they get the best deal. Many of the generic tours in tourist-populated cities take advantage of tourists’ lack of knowledge about the area and charge over the odds for a very basic tour. The Tour Guide Me guides are exceptionally knowledgeable in their chosen field (whether it’s food, medieval history, contemporary art, bicycle routes or local waterways) and all of their prices are very competitive.

Enjoying the perfect city break has never been easier. With a plethora of cheap flights and the ability to tailor a holiday to even the most exacting standards, the European travel market is set to explode in 2014.

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