A Weekend in Edinburgh that you are bound not to forget

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city that one would think it impossible to see it all, or at least the important parts of it in a weekend. There are just too many sights, sounds and tastes to enjoy that a weekend isn’t just enough. While it really is more ideal to stay longer than a weekend, you can cram Edinburgh into forty-eight hours, though be warned, a mere weekend is never enough and it just might leave you wanting to come back for more especially having experienced the hospitality of one of the fabulous hotels in Edinburgh.

Scare or dare weekend

If you get to Edinburgh on a Friday night, why not start your trip with something frighteningly exciting, though this isn’t for the faint of heart. Take the Guided Ghost Tour at the Real Mary King’s Close or the Mercat Ghost Tours. Here you’ll get to see the dungeons and ancient vaults while learning about how everything about how the city began its long historic life, and you even take a late night walk down to the graveyard.

Now that you’ve gone through the scary part of the trip, why not indulge in the beautiful and exciting but non-scary parts of Edinburgh. Take the Edinburgh Bus Tour to see most of Edinburgh and her main attractions in a short period of time. There are great hop on and hop off tours that take you from landmark to landmark and allow you to walk around and wait for the next bus at different intervals. Though ticket prices vary by season, rest assured that it won’t cost very much. If you want to be adventurous and take the tour yourself, you can take a full day’s pass at the Lothian bus company for £3.

Of course you would have to see the Edinburgh castle, as no trip would be complete without it. Built on top of a volcano, you can see it from anywhere in the city, and from its ramparts you have majestic views of the whole city. Don’t think that this is just a boring historical tour, there are tons of things to do at the castle, and it’s best to go early to get to do them all.

Pub hopping to cap your tour off

A trip wouldn’t be a memorable if one didn’t hit up the pubs and get a pint or maybe two, check out the local pubs Edinburgh has to offer and sample their selection of pub food and beers and of course whiskey. Grassmarket offers plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, all with warm and happy locals ready to show you a good time.

One would also have to visit the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market to sample what the local produce has to offer. Enjoy a nice breakfast there and revel in the fresh fruit, rich chocolate and so much more. Pack a nice lunch and set up at any of the beautiful parks and gardens all around the city. Don’t forget to visit he Royal Botanic Garden, The Water of Leith and the Princess Street Gardens to end your trip with the beautiful picturesque scenes of Edinburgh, the perfect way to close the perfect weekend.