A tour of India shows you the best of what this country has to offer

For those going on holiday to India, one of the most popular things to do will be to take a tour around the country. India is a country that is very tempting for people to visit for many reasons and it entices numerous visitors in every year with all of its exotic sights and sounds.

India is a country with many religions and it is well known for being a country that has many faiths all living in harmony. Religion is something that is practised freely here and there is very little discrimination on the basis of religion. It is really remarkable how the architecture has developed in the country because of these religions and there are many magnificent religious buildings all over the country.

Some of India’s temples are the most notable in the world and they really add a huge amount of culture and heritage to the country. India is also a country that is very romantic. There are areas of India which are incredibly beautiful and provide a perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday. If you are coming here on a honeymoon, consider heading to the state of Goa, or taking a backwater cruise in Kerela.

India is a vast country, and it is no surprise that it has different attractions to appeal to different people. For those who are looking for adventure, there are many ways to enjoy an adrenaline rush in the country. You will find numerous locations which host white-water rafting, parasailing, scuba-diving, paragliding and deep sea fishing.

The variety of adventure available in this country is truly remarkable and it will keep even the most avid adrenaline junkie satiated. It’s not all thrills though and there are plenty of heritage sites to visit including ancient forts, and numerous festivals which occur throughout the year.