A look at Sharm El Sheikh

Getting away from it all is the eternal theme of holiday-makers, and for many it means finding someplace warm and sunny with a good combination of plenty of exciting activities, good things to eat and space to just kick back and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

This is a pretty good description of Sharm El Sheikh, a perfect getaway on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.  You will not even need a visa for holidays in Egypt if you’re planning to stay in or near the resort area, and since there is so much to see and do right here, that is really no constraint at all.

Sharm El Sheikh, usually called just Sharm, is probably the most open resort area in Egypt, with a boardwalk connecting most of the extensive beachfront with the town centre, more like European resorts than any other in the country, but notably less expensive than Europe.

Two main beach areas on two adjacent bays make up the developed area, one being Na’ama Bay and the other Sharm al-Maya.  Na’ama is where the boardwalk is located, with bars and restaurants built on the beach itself and an abundance of four and five star hotels separated from the water only by the width of the promenade.  The Red Sea bordering the area is a beacon for scuba divers and snorkelers, with magnificent coral reefs and warm crystal clear waters offering some of the finest underwater scenery on the planet.

Sharm is also known as “the City of Peace”, as it is a very secure area where peace summits are often held and world leaders stroll the boardwalk along with tourists of every nationality.  Adding to the international flavour, Sharm hosted the very first European professional gold tournament at one of the fabulous courses in the area, the Jolie Ville Golf Resort, and professional golfers worldwide make this a favoured stop.

One of the huge attractions of Sharm El Sheikh holidays is the breathtaking contrast between clear blue sea and stark desert; another is the amazing luxury and opulence so close to a lifestyle embraced by desert dwellers for centuries.  This really is a place where you can have it all, and the options for enjoyment are simply endless.

You can take a 4 x 4 jeep excursion to St. Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments and come back to the extravagant nightlife of Na’ama Bay.

Though diving enthusiasts claim that Sharm is where it’s at for spectacular undersea adventures, partiers will tell you that the nightlife is also unrivalled.  Just for starters, check out the Sanafir complex, a hotel/entertainment zone now taken over by the Pacha franchise and home to all-night parties and dancing not only on the huge outdoor floor but also in the swimming pools and on platforms indoors and out.

It has been described as “Ibiza with 1001 Arabian Nights” and if you like to party you shouldn’t miss it.  When you’re partied out, you can sleep it off, wake up and hit the beach and start all over again.