A Guide To Florida

Florida is well known as a holiday destination – hardly surprising since it has a lot to offer. In addition to wonderful weather that makes it popular all summer long, Florida has plenty of tourist attractions suitable for all ages.

If you haven’t been already, then you may be missing out. Although some consider Florida as tourist-heavy, this is simply because it has a lot to offer. The lifestyle is all about taking things easy and at your own pace and this means relaxation is guaranteed.

To this end, here is a quick guide to Florida. Whether it’s the local attractions or the benefits of renting villas instead of staying in hotels, there is a lot to decide when taking a holiday to Florida.


There is plenty to see and do in Florida but perhaps it is best known for its range of parks. This includes the likes of Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. Some of these are accessible via public transport links but hiring a car might prove more beneficial.

Outside the parks, there are more unique attractions. Old Town is an area which, as the name suggests, evokes the feel of a much older town and proves very popular for its shops and attractions.

Likewise, if you’re looking for something a little different to explore then Florida is also known for its Everglades. This vast swamp region can often be explored via tours on hover crafts; allowing you to explore this unique natural scenery and the varied local wildlife found along the way.

As somewhere that has a heavy tourism industry, a lot of businesses in Florida have targeted themselves towards this market, resulting in lots of smaller attractions; from bars and restaurants to mini-golf locations. Most popular accommodation and tourism spots are dotted with these areas, often clustered together in small groups, and reputable firms such as James Villas can help you find the perfect place to stay so you don’t miss a thing.


Anyone who wants peace and quiet during their stay in Florida should invest in villas in Orlando – a comfortable option which provides you with a freedom not commonly associated with hotels or hostels.

Orlando allows easy access to all the busy and popular areas within Florida, including being within easy driving reach of all the big parks. However, it also gives you some private and personal space which is ideal for those who want to put their feet up after a long day sight-seeing.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the luxury benefits of a private pool. Given the hot weather Florida enjoys, this is always beneficial and whilst the likes of Miami are always worth a visit for the impressive coastlines, nothing can beat being able to come home to your own personal pool and simply relax.