5 Ideas for Railway Tours

With the recent upsurge in usage of local airports throughout the UK it means that there are now more destinations than ever available to UK tourists who are looking for something a little more than visiting the usual package tour to the popular hotspots of the Mediterranean.

Taking a low cost short haul flight to any number of destinations across Europe opens up a whole range of possibilities for a holiday and one that is growing in popularity in recent years is the idea of taking a train journey or tour.

Cheap train tickets provide a great way of seeing the sights and doing so on a schedule of your own making, meaning you can plan a bespoke holiday by choosing a flight and train combination unique to your own wishes.

With Europe being one of the largest connected land masses in the world, train journeys are almost only limited by the imagination, from the Trans-Siberian Express which is an eight thousand mile journey across Russia to the sea of Japan right through to a more sedate trip up the East Coast Rail from London to a castle in the Highlands of Scotland.

So if you choose to flight to a destination, here are some ideas for an ongoing railway trip:

Travelling by train from Geneva to Milan is an international journey that takes in the northern shore of Lake Geneva and views over the French Alps and some of the finest castles and forests in Europe. The train enters Italy through the Simplon Tunnel before running alongside outstanding lakeside tracks by Lake Maggiore.

The Arctic Circle Express is one of the most famous train journeys in the world. Beginning in Sweden and ending in Norway it lasts fifteen days and literally goes to the end of the line two hundred miles into the wilderness of the Arctic Circle. This route also includes the highest altitude section of railway track in Europe.

The journey between Madrid to Barcelona has been revolutionised by the recent introduction of high speed low cost trains. Today the journey time is such that it is in real competition with interior Spanish aeroplane connections as the fastest way to get between the two great cities. There is no better way than to experience the Spanish countryside than speeding along with a glass of rioja watching the landscape pass by your window.

Running through the Pyrenees Mountains for fifty miles on a metre gauge track, Le Petit Train Jaune is named after the unusual red-lined canary yellow colour trains. The journey crosses the suspension bridge at Pont Gisclard where the trains slow so that passengers can fully appreciate the construction over the impressively large death-defying drop.

One of the shortest popular trips is on the Flåm Railway between Myrdal and Flåm, which even at a leisurely pace has a journey time of only around 45 minutes.

Amazingly, another hort trip through the remote countryside of the Cevennes runs along a line that takes in more than a hundred tunnels and a thousand bridges, including the 28 arch viaduct at Chapeauroux.